Get record collection from list of ids - Firebase


I am developping an app and using Firebase as database. In my app I have customers and sellers. The customers can buy products with the sellers and can add the sellers into a “Favourite list”. In my firebase every customers and every sellers have an id.
Into a customer document, there is a “FavouriteList” variable that looks like that: [“rMF03BZZqxngeS2ymhH5”, “Du7APXjIK5pHQndd3huj4”, etc…]. Every item of this list is an id of a seller. I can get this list and bind it to a local variable (page variable or app variable).
But from this id list, how can I request to firebase to get a record collection and then display to an item list the corresponding sellers? Can I filter the get record collection with a list of Ids?
I hope the question is well explained.
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Hi, if you have the favorites in appVars.favouriteList and all products in data variable data.allProducts

you can get the records whose ids are in the favourites list with the formula:

SELECT(data.allProducts, IS_IN_ARRAY(appVars.favouriteList,

Thanks, it works well!