Get Record Error - Page Parameter

Hi Appgyver!

I have a list of items, and i need do click in one of them to see the item details.

When i click in the list item, the fields attached to a Firebase database dissapear.

Anyone can help me out?

Now the app simulation:

Anyone plz?!??!?!

The app is not working!


So here’s what you should have set up:

  • Detail page: has a page parameter id which is used in the Get Record node for the firebase fetch
  • List page: in the Open page node is given as the page parameter

Here’s all the steps in video form.

If these are in order, I would use the debugger to check what the detail page data variable looks like and what value it gets. I’m guessing there’s something wrong with the record fetch.

Hi Cecilia, thanks for the information… Its all set but still doesnt working…

As i validate the debugger, its not fetching anything, and i think thats because im not setting up the references correctly.

As im getting record from a firebase database, i cant collect the ID information for reference (or im not doing it correctly as well).

So if you dont mind, im putting some printscreens below, an i expect you could help me then… Im not a programmer, im learning all this from the scratch… and Appgyver is my first experience.

Thank you very much.




Hmm you seem to be giving the as a page parameter in the list page’s Open page. Should you be giving instead? Usually individual records from a database are fetched by id only, not name. Also, try changing .

Data variables are only valid in the page they are created, not throughout the whole app. So if you haven’t, I would create a single data variable for your detail page. Unless you have a specific function for the Get Record nodes after the Component tap events, those are not necessary if you just want to display the data. Data variables are enough.


when i change to, that what it is showed:

it seems like its missing the id reference…

and on the detail page, i created the data variable…

and still not working…


I might have misspoken about the id thing, so sorry for the misunderstanding! I’m now remembering that firebase is actually using the name to fetch single records. So that would mean you don’t have to set id as a page parameter or in the Get Record node.

A few things to check:

  • Make sure your data resource Get Record tab corresponds with the firebase API documentation for getting a single record.

  • Please see the tutorial again, as the data variable in the details page should be using the page parameters in the Get Record node, not data variable info. This is covered in the tutorial.

Hi Cecilia, thanks for helping me…

It seems like firebase is a little bit difficult do configure… Do you recomend other free services? Like Airtable?

Maybe it get simpler to me…