Get Record not found with Backendless

While the Get collection works:

I can’t get the Get Record to work:

The URL + relative path (big green box) return 1 data set in a browser.

the Backendless docs states that ur request is incorrect.
should be structured like an sql statement
“Name = ‘Condacum’”
URL encode the string
relative path should look like this

Hi Mendez,

Thanks for your reply!

I user the Data Configution, I don’t think you can use functions to URL encode the string, I would expect it to be automatically done.

If I don’t specify a Response key path in de Config tab: Error: The server responded with a list for a single data record. The response must be an object.status: -1

Sorry do not use get collection… use get record orthe http request component In logic …
Your url should look like ('Condacum')
Please copy and paste
The text in bold should be the correct url encoding for your request based on backendless docs

Double check my spelling it’s 5 am here for me. If get record doesn’t do it I’m about 97.8567% sure the http request component will get the job done for you with a properly structured url

http request component works but you need some pharsing… so Get Record is buggy?