Get Record of Text Under An Object Array

Hi All,

I am encountering this challenge in showing ALL the text under an object array on Appgyver. Without this I can’t even reach my intended output of extracting all the text in an object array and display under “Tag Input” component.

Front & Back : Appgyver, Xano

1. API Schema Currently Acquired :
“tasteGR”: [
“tastenote”: “Jasmine”
“tastenote”: “Lemon Peel”
2. Intended Output On Tag Input Component
[Jasmine (x)] [Lemon Peel (x)] …

Try this:

let l = [{"tastenote": "Jasmine"},{"tastenote": "Lemon Peel"}];
    l.forEach((item, index, arr)=>arr[index]=item["tastenote"]);

The output of is:

["Jasmine","Lemon Peel"]

Thanks for the quick help, I appreciate it.

But I have few more questions :

  1. Could you elaborate where and how should I set this accordingly?
  2. ‘l’ is referring to what?
  3. l.forEach((item, index, arr)=>arr[index]=item[“tastenote”]); - I believe this is js. Could Appgyver formula does the job? I don’t wish to touch js, because I’m not a coder and I won’t know how to fix it if there’s a bug.

Hi Jasper,
You are welcome!

Please refer to the thread below to get an idea :slight_smile:

It is midnight now :sleeping: I am going to try to post some steps tomorrow morning.

All the best