Get Record Setup - Google Firestore

Hi, I’m trying to setup “get record” for accessing Firestore in appgyver.

This is the .json file:

“get collection” works fine, it returns me everything what is in the .json but when I try to set up “get record” it still gives me the collection but not the single entry.

My aim is to get one single entry such as:

“fields”: {
“Name”: {
“stringValue”: “Niko”
“Date”: {
“timestampValue”: “2021-11-17T23:00:00Z”
“id”: {
“integerValue”: “1”

Any tips? What do I need to enter under “response key path” or “url placeholder” under “get record” in appgyver?

Thanks a lot!

You can get the record like this:

As soon as you have Firebase security rules acivated, you also need to pass the Bearer Token with ‘Authorization’ in the header, which you can do in “Base”-tab:

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It works now! Thanks a lot!
Can you also show me how to set up post / put?

PUT configuration: