GET RECORD - The server responded with a list for a single data record

Hi everybody. I am currently experimenting with Supabase. I am currently able to retrieve all records with the GET COLLECTION functionality using the defined API’s by Supabase.

While using the GET RECORD functionality with the API defined for get a record in supabase i am getting the following error-message: “The server responded with a list for a single data record.” while using the TEST functionality of GET RECORD.

Testing in the tool POSTMAN with the same API used in the GET RECORD i am receiving the expected record as result:

“id_beer”: 1,
“beer”: “Pareltje aan de Vliet”,
“beer_description”: “Deze American Pale Ale, met trots voor Voorschoten gebrouwen, is hoppig met tonen van citrus en is door z’n frisse afdronk een heerlijke doordrinker voor mooie zomerse dagen of een gezellige avond met je vrienden.”,
“beer_img_url”: “”,
“beer_style_ID”: 1,
“brewery_id”: 1

The config of GET RECORD is as follows:

Relative path:*

Response key path: empty

Hope you have a solution…


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Hi Antonio
I think this because your received is and array with inside an object… so you have to use GET COLLECTION
After this you could use your data into a DataVariable using “0” position by a formula

Thanks @cco,
The issues is indeed caused because the data is received as a single record in a array and not as an object. The supabase team also came with a solution to add Accept:application/vnd.pgrst.object+json to the header. Now it’s working as expected.

I too I’m having the same problem with Superbase. I have been trying many formulas to make it work before I saw this. Do you happen to have the screenshot of your formula that you used to generate the URL.