Get record within a list

Hi all, I have defined two data sources “messages” and “topics

topics” includes below columns
topic_id, topic_name

messages” includes below columns
msg_id, topic_id, msg_text

Now I have created a List Item which repeats with “messages”, I would like to display the “topic_name” while iterating the “messages” list.

Question: is there a way to get record e.g, get “topic_name” with “topic_id” within the “messages” list?


Yes there is. Get the list of topics and store them in a data variable, and then search from the list by topic id. FIND formula function combined with LOOKUP does the job :slight_smile:

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Thank YOU Mevi!

FIND+LOOKUP works like magic!

The only bumpy step for me was to understand the “Selection formula”, i.e. either use item.xxxx or <xxxx> in FIND.

For people seeking the answer for the same question, here is my working Formula:
LOOKUP(FIND<topic>(data.local_datasource_KF_topics_list, repeated.current.topic_id), "topic_name")

Thank you again Mevi :slight_smile: