GET SCHEMA can't detect backendless schema

A text/string/json data type column in Backendless cannot store a list captured by Appgyver.

So I created a column at backendless which is ‘comments’. Its data type is data object relationship to an app table, which will store the properties of the list created in appgyver i.e comments, date created, id…

However, when I was at GET Schema, the test ran couldn’t detect the ‘comments’ schema, any reason why?


I was wondering if you figured out the answer to this question. I think I am experiencing a similar issue.

I notice in Backendless when I create an app table with a data column “email” (type STRING), I can successfully search for email values within that table via AppGyver (a data configurator “run test” with HTTP header “email” retrieves all results from the table with a specific email entered).

However, when the data column is “email” (type DATA OBJECT RELATIONSHIP- related to the “users” system data table) I cannot successfully search for email values within my created app table (a “run test” with a HTTP header “email” with a specific email entered retrieves no results; no error code, just no results).

I hope I am making sense.