Get some specific text from a list item


I have a data collection to form a list but I want to get some content from a specific list item …

For example, when i click on the second item “Read more” I want to open a new page and there only appears the description of that specific item and when I click on the first item for example appears the content only from that list item.

If you add a screenshot for your list it will be clearer …
for now you can use Formula to reach any item within your list … you can check the following links for using Find “to get an object form list” and Lookup to “get a certain property value”.
if you are using a static list of texts you can use list[index] …

Hello Lyad, thank you for your answer … I upload to screenshots … I have that table with a data collection using the data resource.

I want when someone tappe on a diferente item of that table to save those info in the variables for then when openning the other page to appear just the info relative to that information like the title, description and other information regarding that specific item.

Thank you one more time :slight_smile: