Get the Label Name of an input box?

Is it posible to get the Label Name of an input box ???

If so, how ???

You can define the name of a component in Properties then Advanced Properties and Component Display Name.
I hope that answers your question.

To do that, click at the field and add the set page variable you want and then in the formula, access like this

(First time i answer the question the same time as someone else :sweat_smile:)


But what I want is to get the Name of the Input from a Function to use it in a variable.

I tested the Component Element but I can’t get the name (I can get de ID Element, but not he name)

With a check box element, it appears only the ID and Value (but not the name, content)

oh you want in checkbox,
then you need to go to the composite component properties and add the label and bind it to the label then it will apear

Actually wrong, just change the option to two way property and it will appear

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Sorry, I didn’t understand your request well.

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THANKS A LOT. It just works fine. :slight_smile:

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