Get upload URLs is not working on live (.apk) version

Get upload URLs is not working on live (.apk) version or very very slow (takes more than 10 mins). Any idea why?
Thanks a lot.

Does this problem persist?

Unfortunately yes. I tried everything but I couldnt succeed. Is there any method to upload a photo from phone to any cloud drive to able to create a list to display all these photos in app? Because I use “” method to get image url to able to upload cloudinary. But that method is very slow or time to time not working at all on live (.apk) version…
I really appreciate for your suggestions…
Thanks a lot.

Just to clarify that it’s the getting upload URL for a set of storage keys that is taking long and not for example downloading or uploading the images?

Yes, I upload image to get the image download url to able to upload that image to cloudinary database with that image url address.

Yes it’s probably the uploading process that takes time then. If you’re uploading large images with mobile network it could take a while.

You could try resizing the images before sending with the resizing flow function.

I think you can also get the download url before actually uploading the images :thinking:

Actually image sizes are very small… Max 50 kb. Yes, I get download url before upload as you said but that part takes too long (10 min plus)… On the other hand that process much faster on appgyver testing app?

Try interacting with the screen and see if it goes away instantly. (there’s a bug with React Native that could be happening here)

Yes you are right… Is there any solution for that?

Is there any progress? Thanks a lot.

Basically you need to make something that forces ReactNative to re-render until the root cause is fixed by us.

Can you suggest anything for that? I tried a lot of things but couldnt find any solution yet…

I heard somebody used invisible toasts to wake it up

@Sasu_Makinen Hi Sasu, I think that we as users would benefit a lot of a demo playground test project to view the logic on a project like this where you need to upload stuff.
I’m still struggling uploading images.

Maybe like a demo account that has some projects we could test and view how they work.

Do you have something like that?

We’re working on a way to share these in a nice way right now. We have a couple sandbox projects already done or in the workings as well. So it’s definitely coming.

My images are also loading incredibly slow, despite the small file size. I also find your comments with others to be quite short, and mostly unhelpful. I think your team needs to develop more videos, and work on the performance issues. I’m certainly not going to fork over 1K a month when you cannot properly manage these issues. It appears after 26 days you still haven’t found a solution - NOT GOOD.

It was decided that this issue and multiple other performance issues are tackled in our upcoming new runtime which has taken a lot of resources from the team and unfortunately more time to deliver than originally expected. In hindsight we should’ve fixed this one in the current runtime as well but since there were rare occurrences of this bug at the time we decided to focus on the new runtime instead.

Personally I help everyone on this forum as much as I possibly can.

Can you help me to deduce if your slow image download is because of network loading speed or rendering? If it’s rendering time, how does your app structure look like?