Get value from http requests response (problem)

Hi from an http request, im getting this answer and i want to get info like username,

im using this lookup function

and this is the toast

im using lookup in the output but im getting an empty answer
Do you know how i can get such info?

Are you using the right field name? I don’t see user_id field in the HTTP Request screenshot.

this is the result i get in the app and it exists like this

Also i dont get why the http output shows red in the function

I just put it in a rest api integration and it seems to get the schema but not completely right,
Even thogh, in the answer, there are some numbered objects, in appgyver, the numbers dont show up and as a result, in the shema it shows like one thing.

actually after testing thats not a problem because it actually shows up like a list so i have access in all the information