Getting 2 API's to talk to each other

I’m trying to get data from one API to pull data that matches to another API. I’ve tried using the FIND formula but it isn’t working. This is the formula:

FIND(data.Airtable_NFT_APP1, item.fields.Template_ID==repeated.current.assets[0].template.template_id).fields.Template_ID

I’m using a repeating list with a data variable called AtomicAssets1 with an endpoint called I want that to match the Template_ID endpoint from my other data variable called Airtable_NFT_APP1. Once I see they match, then I will know it is pulling the correct data based on the Template ID. But I can’t get them to match. The results show as blank which I think means the result is false (null). How can I get these two data variable API’s to talk to each other using the template ID???