Getting a list of users firstnames with repeat

Hi all,

I have a collection in Firestore called Users, within that there’s multiple documents, with different users “firstname:”

I am wanting to get a list of those on the app using a text field and repeat with. Everytime I try it just seems to get the name of the user of the document at the top and none of the others.

Can anyone help with the logic needed for this?

Hello @Nathan_McDonald, please provide a screenshot of your user list so that i understand what could be going on

Ideally I want it to go through the documents and collect every firstname

It looks OK simple to get data from that.
So in your app you should have a data variable that you’re going to use in your repeater.set the text field value as the current repeated values from your data. Use a formula to do it and I hope it works.

I have tried this and it always repeats the first documents firstname 7/8 times. It doesn’t go through and get all of the different names?

Is the Text field is not assigned to any else? Um really confused right now, try creating an empty page and try it there

I figured this out, now stuck as I want to filter via email so that all of the records with the same email are repeated from a collection

I’ve not done sorting and filtering yet, talk to @Mihaly_Toth he might now something about it