Getting Appgyver help and support for a 3 month old issue

Firstly, let me say that I really do like Appgyver. However, has anyone else had any success getting help and support with their issues?

I first raised an issue here on July 23rd but it’s still an issue that myself and others seem to be having. API call works on Android but not iOS :( Help!

I’ve emailed Appgver directly multiple times and raised it within here but am getting no responses or solutions. The issue is pretty major (an API call that works fine on Android doesn’t on the iOS version). This is a client App that’s live in the Appstore so as you can imagine, my client isn’t at all happy :sob:

Has anyone any advice for getting some help from Appgyver?

No, I think it is very tiring to start learning here. The Academy is in a complete mess with two year old videos with tutorials that is not updated with the software. I ask questions and instead of answers I get upgraded to another trust level. I feel like I am in an Academy where beginners trying to teach beginners but rarely good answers. I thought AppGyver was big but looking at the Community one can see it is used by a very few. I started out with Bubble but learned that it is not for mobile apps only web apps.

I think it promises a lot but do not deliver at all. I even suggested a category in the community for Tutorials Q&A but of course, no response. I have written them direct and no answer.

At least I hear you. But I can’t help you.

Well, it really depends. I think that AppGyver is super cool tool that just simply overgrown the team. Since SAP bought them I believe it will be better, however, in order to do that they need to hire more people but that will take some time. As you can see, they are wayyyy behind their scheduled releases. For example 3rd party plugins were scheduled at Q1/21 and here we are, it’s Q4/21 a we have no info yet.

On the other hand, you must realize that the service is for free and hence the support is limited. I believe that they have no dedicated support and hence the response time.

You can always ask a community, however, if there’s a bug, unfortunately you have to wait.

By the way, when we needed help the most, AppGyver member contact us directly and helped us out!

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Thanks for explaining the transition of your team. I added some patience and trust level :wink:

A big change must be difficult to handle. I will try a few more tutorials and see how I progress.

Kind regards

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I’ve actually found this forum really useful and the docs good enough to figure most things out. But it’s just the support that I find lacking which as you say is probably due to a limited team already pushed for time so I totally sympathise with them. Hopefully, that will improve with SAP’s involvement.

Interesting you mention Bubble as that’s what I work with day to day. I love it as a product but as you say, without a lot of hassle, it’s not really a solution for native mobile Apps unfortunately.

Yes, I totally agree with a lot of what you say. I just think they are understaffed at the moment, especially in the support department. As I’m using it for client work I need the reassurance of support for if there are issues, and of course I’m willing to pay for the product/support as I use it commercially.

Hi there,
I am new here, just discovered Appgyver a week ago and reading all I can to help me make a decision.
Did anybody here have heard of Morfik?
In 2010, Morfik was a promising web app IDE, converting Delphi like Pascal into Java script. Even the IDE resembled Borland/Embarcadero Delphi.
Then, at the end of 2011, Morfik was acquired by Altium, and two years later Morfik was nothing but dead.
Somehow I cannot help thinking that Appgyver will go the same way as Morfik.
I wish I am wrong. Only time will tell. However, as I haven’t invested any serious time and resources in Appgyver, I am happy to stand by and see what the future brings.