Getting data from


it should be possible to get data from There is some talk about it in the forum, but I haven’t read from anybody who actually got it to work.

Here is were I am stuck:

On the the setup looks like this

The AppGyver base:

The AppGyver Get Collection:

The AppGyver Test:

Any words of wisdom? I have also tried it with CORS key. Same result :frowning:


Hi Joerg,

You need to use the (Web page API key) the one you have in your first picture as the value in the HTTP Header and put apikey in one word (not sure if it matters but that is what I have done), put that in the base in Appgyver not in (Get).

In the Resource URL you need to go into you database settings and get the full URL for that database. You just have the beginning, you need what the database is called, something like t“the name off you database”. You find it in settings at the top of the page, in line with the man next to a ?.

Hope this helps, I use these too and they are great.


Thanks a million, Dan,

works like a charm with your suggestions :slight_smile: Here are the screen shots of the working connection in case anybody else is wanting to get data from

Hi Joerg,

I am glad I could help and it works for you.

I would change you “value key” if you haven’t done already, as everyone will be able to access your database with that info. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, thanks Dan,

now that I know how to get data from I deleted the entire data base and use my ‚real‘ one.

Best regards,


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Thanks guys that worked - At first I did not add the extra CORS key at , like you did in your first screenshot, that is why mine didn’t work

Also I used x-apikey instead of apikey - don’t know if that is a new thing

now to try file upload…