Getting runtime version returns systemVars.buildVersion


If a new version of our app is available, we want to show users a button to go install it.

However, when we use systemVars.buildVersion in a formula to determine the user’s current app version, it tells us the same information that’s in systemVars.runtimeVersion.

Is it possible for systemVars.buildVersion to tell us the app’s build version, instead?

(On a related note, it would be awesome if the version shown on the build service were the app version, not the runtime version.)

Yeah I know it would be great to have the id there or even god forbid an timestamp of when the build was made. It’s been on my table for quite some time but haven’t been able to get down on it yet :cold_sweat: . I promise I’ll add it next time I make updates to the buildservice!

Ha! No need to be hard on yourself, @Sasu_Makinen. You’ve only been busy with the hundreds of sophisticated features within the builder that are making it possible for my app to work… As far as I’m concerned, you’ve prioritized correctly :slight_smile:

To circle back to the first half of the question–Should systemVars.buildVersion be showing the runtime version? Is there another way for us to access our own build version so we know whether it’s the most recent?

Sorry for not answering the first question :sweat_smile:, It’s definitely haven’t been returning buildVersion at least for some time so I put up some inquiries last friday to hear what’s going on.

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