Getting TypeError Network request failed on App, while working on Data Test

Hi guys,

First of all, thank for this amazing platform and your support.

As on title, I’m getting a error message while trying to POST request to REST API on App only.
The same request with dummy data works on Data Test section.

A little of background:
What I’m trying to do: Upload image though POST request to my REST API
What I’m using: Create Record node, previously configurated as follow:

And it works perfectly:

But on App, runtime 2.4.27, I’m getting Network request failed as on picture:

On AppGyver Legend App doesn’t start:

Any suggestion?

Hi Daniele, and apologies for the slow response time!

Are you still experiencing this issue with your POST requests? Is the error message in your screenshot coming from the Create Record node?

Hi Daniele,

Have u resolved the issue?? I have similar issue on Android. iOS and Web work fine for me but not on Android. Have you tried on iOS? or if you have figured this out, please let me know the solution.


Hey all,

I’m experiencing the same problem. On the webapp it works, but on on Android it fails with “Type error: network request failed” instantly. Can’t figure out why?

Best Max

Okay I actually resolved the problem…I have an adblocker installed on my android phone and somehow it blocks the webhook I am calling.
Maybe nice to know for other people in the future finding this thread aswell :slight_smile:

I´m developing a simple App for mobile that connects an API Rest… during previews on browser it´s works fine, but when I try to use my mobile (Android) to preview APP a getting “TypeError: Network request failed”… all my credentional are OK… the tests on Data Source works fine as well .

Is it a bug? I’m about to give up…

Thanks for any help

hello Eduardo

Could you solve this problem?