Getting Video Player to play YouTube URL

I trying to get the “Open Video Player” component to play a YouTube video. I set the video source as a data variable I had set up. I verified to see if the URL is in the database, and it is there. For some reason, the video player loads up but no video loads. Does anyone have an idea on how to make it work?

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The Open Video Player requires a link to the video itself, and youtube links are links just to a webpage. Here’s a thread about how to get the video link from youtube links, if you have a possibility to modify your data.

Another option is to use a webview, where the “normal” youtube link works fine. You could create a page with a webview that holds the youtube video, like an iframe. Then, when the button (or whatever) for playing the video is pressed, you open that page and set the app orientation to landscape to achieve a similar effect as the open video player function.

Thank you @Cecilia . This is helpful!

The urls of youtube videos are changed daily, I would like to know please, if there is a possibility of bringing these modified urls as soon as youtube modifies it, automatically modify it in the video that is in my application. manually the application every day, Can you understand my question?

Hi Cristiano,

I have the same issue, I noticed that the URL is changing (I think for me it changed weekly, at least I have multiple days in a row where they worked). I don’t think there is a way to automatically modify the video link, at least not something that is humongously complicated.

Would be curious to hear others about it.

Olá, ainda não consegui resolver esse problema, você tem alguma novidade sobre esse assunto?