Give transparency and trust

I found the design of the tool fantastic.
But some practices here already serve as a barrier to learning and using the tool.

  1. Difficulty accessing the development team, which is only through the forum, which apparently happens only when they want to; Example, there is a question about MySQL integration, dated 20th November 2020, to be completed by today. (And the answer interests me)
  2. Integration, apparently a project created here, has a lot of difficulty interacting with external APIs, no matter how good you are, to say that nowadays integration is not important with the thousands of possibilities we have today.
  3. And with all that, I think there is a lack of transparency, you don’t make it clear, that a project created here will never fail to be ported or integrated with another platform or language.
    Which conscious development professional would you work with?
    And these are my considerations;