Gmail integration

This there any api or any tutorial how to use the api for accessing Gmail for mail functionality in appgyver using firebase
Kindly please Help me out

I think you can directly do with the Gmail API

@Bertrand_BZH thank u so much, but can plz give an example how to use this since I am new to this & can u plz check if for sending messages this is the link I shld use

@Bertrand_BZH please help me out

First of all, you have to go to Google Console to get your API token :

Your UserID is your email

You can try the POST (or GET, DELETE, …) method on this page:

(HTTP tab)
And after you can reproduce the Api call in Appgyver.
Good luck,

thank u so much for helping me out

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@Bertrand_BZH Hi
so I dont know how to use oauth2.0 authentication and this is what it displayed after i tried the link which you have sent me

So is there anyway u can help me out to use this link

I put the UserId and API key in the URL property of Open URL node and this link doesnt work with http request node

It’s not good API Key, This video explains the method :