Gofile.io API direct integration

Hello everyone, I am trying to use Gofile.io API but I am a hobbyist developer and had little success. The only thing that I managed to get working is getServer.

With createFolder I get:

Error: JSON error response from server: {“status”:“error-auth”,“data”:{}}.status: 401

With uploadFile I get:

Error: JSON error response from server: {“status”:“headersError”,“data”:{}}.status: 500

I am passing the required parameters through the “Query Parameters” of their respective operation (PUT for createFolder and POST for uploadFile).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

can you share an image on how you set up the intergration

try using the url placeholder option, instead of query parameter, sometimes it has issues.


Is this how I should place it in relative path?

Actually, i think thats mostly based on the documentation,
But what i was saying, was to use this

That’s what I understood. Don’t URL placeholders have to specified in the relative path? That’s what I was asking before.

I tried it and it still doesn’t work though.

Never mind I misread their disclaimer. Full API use is reserved for subscriptions. I was attempting to try it before committing to a subscription