Google books api

Hi i was watching and recreating the Barcode Scanner Tutorial using the Food Facts api and it works perfectly. But when i try to do the same using the google books api i have problems to set the output to a variable. I think it has something to do with the content being in a list called “items” and i I have read something in the docs that u have to specify a Response key path in that case, but i dont understand how this would work.

Here is the url to the book_api output from google books:

I made a page variable with the same Properties of this schema, but i cant click on it.

last time i got an error like that was because my schema of object properties wasn’t identical. they are case sensitive, access must match exactly

thanks for ur reply. Sadly it´s the exact same schema

Hi there!

The schema matching can be very picky sometimes, you can go around this by binding the items property with a formula. So I believe something like dataVars.book_api1.items :slight_smile:

thanks alot. that works

I really appreciate the fast and usefull suport on this site