Google Chart Component default background color

The Appgyver Google Chart component’s default background color is white. Is it possible to have this component’s background color to be transparent so that it would just show the background color of the app. (My app has a slightly tinted greyish background.) While I can specify the background color with chart string, the component starts up as white. This looks awful at the beginning of the page load as I have any Google Charts repeated on the page and they show up as many white squares, each with a spinner. Thanks!

Yes, it is possible to have the background color of the Appgyver Google Chart component be transparent so that it only shows the background color of the application. To do this, you can use the “backgroundColor” attribute of the Google Chart component and set it to “transparent”.

For example, if you are using a “bar” chart and want the background color to be transparent, you can add the following code to your chart configuration:

chart: {
type: ‘bar’,
backgroundColor: ‘transparent’

You can also use the “backgroundColor” attribute to set any other color you want for the background of the chart, such as “#ffffff” for a white background or “#888888” for a gray background.

It is important to note that the “backgroundColor” attribute only affects the background of the chart, not the background of the component itself. Therefore, if you want the component to have a transparent background, you must also set the “backgroundColor” attribute of the component to “transparent”.

Sorry for not providing some screenshots, I am on vacation from today and I replied from my mobile phone.

Thank you for your reply. However, no where in the Google Chart component can I find the component property “backgroundColor” to set. I understand that I can add chart: {
type: ‘bar’, backgroundColor: ‘transparent’} to change the background color. This I am already doing. But I would really like the component background to be transparent. Can you please tell me how to set it? Thanks! Michael

It seems that this issue had been flagged before: (D3.js/Google Chart component background color) Is there a resolution to it?