Google Charts Example

I have implemented the google charts example with the help of my own database . The issue that i am facing is that even if i have set the app variable when the page is mounted still i am not able to get the chart displayed as the page is mounted. If i add a button and on the click of the button try to set the value for the page variable then the chart gets displayed.

Only after clicking the button the chart is displayed.
What else needs to be done for the chart to get displayed as the page is mounted

this might help

The issue that i am mentioning is in the mobile device itself . In the mobile device even if i set the page variable on the click of page of mounted it does not display the chart but when the same page variable i set on the click of a button then the chart is displayed .

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oh ok, i think i understand what you mean,
First, try usinh the page focused event and not page mounted.
then, try maybe using a delay (2sec) between the page mounted and the variable

Tried the way you suggested but even then the chart is not getting displayed when the page is loaded.

If this happens to you too, maybe its a bug