Google Firebase connector published

We are proud to announce our first-tier support for Google Firebase as a way to build production-grade backends that handle authentication, data and storage in one go.

Read all about it in the guide at and let us know what you think! A full video overview is coming up soon.

There’s more coming up in the backend world, stay tuned!


Will this (now or eventually) include full Push Notification support (both Android and iOS)? I notice Sender ID is one of the Connector fields, but I didnt find any Firebase Cloud Messaging-specific nodes in Market Place. All I found were the Auth and Storage functions.

Yes, that is planned, but not with this immediate release yet — we’ll see if there’s any low-hanging fruits now that the SDK is there for both platforms.


Superb work, we will definitely check this one out. Thanks @Harri_Sarsa! (also could I please have access to the beta program? :slight_smile:)

Im getting an error on ‘Initialize Firebase’:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘Initialize’ of undefined

Ive filled out all of the Connector fields, double-checked they are all correct with my Firebase settings.

App ID: 204685
Im using Appgyver Preview Runtime 2.8.28

You need runtime version 2.8.33, which should be available on all platforms.

The latest version on Google Play store says 2.8.28

Seems like there was a process failure and the release for Android got stuck, it is processing now and should be available soon. Sorry, will take steps to ensure this does not happen again!

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The update is now visible for me in Google Play when I search via web, couldn’t check on an actual Android device yet — let me know if it now works for you too!

Thank you Harri it works now!

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Hi. I am trying to connect to firebase with these flow functions.

  1. Will it connect from the preview app?
  2. I am getting an initfailed() error.

Is there any tutorial for this coming up soon? :slight_smile:

When I upload a file to firebase storage, I get the error shown in the attached picture.
What is the possible cause of this error?

The Firebase connector will work from the preview app. For the error, are you running 2.8.33? When does the error happen — when using the Initialize Firebase flow, or somewhere else?

Are you able to use other Firebase features like auth; i.e. have you successfully run Initialize Firebase flow?

harri Thanks for the reply.
I am using storage only.
Initialize succeeds. (The initialize flow does not return any errors.)

@takuya_akama which device, OS version and Preview app version are you using? Can you double-verify that your Firebase connector configuration is correct? Also, you can test with e.g. Anonymous auth that it really is correct to isolate the problem

Could not log in as an anonymous user.
In that case, is it still a misconfiguration of connectors?
I have reviewed the json files and settings for each os many times and there is no mistake.
Is there any other reason why I can’t log in?
Ios and android were unable to log in, but the preview on the web allowed me to log in, but not to upload files.

I´m new on Appgyver composer, I was on the way of learning how to upload an image before the new connector. I can´t understand quite well, how to upload an image to Firebase Storage. And how to get the uploaded file Url.
I mess a little, with “pick image”, “pick file”, “firebase get storage download Url”, “firebase upload storage files”.
Thank you very much for any advice.

@Harri_Sarsa, this is an incredible development and the video tutorial is fantastic. It comes at just the right time for me as I’m now needing to do some more complex things with my Firestore databases. However I am finding it frustrating that the options that exist when adding a regular REST API data resource (which is how I previously connected to my Firestore db) are missing in the new Google Firebase / Cloud Firestore data resource type – in particular the Get Collection button and associated "set schema from response."

The way that AppGyver interprets the JSON response from Firestore seems to have changed in the new Google Firebase / Cloud Firestore data resource type; for example, per the video it seems that you no longer need to specify the top-level field “fields” object or data types like “stringValue”. But I can’t figure out how it’s changed because there’s no indication as to why the data schema I’m using for my more complex data types (e.g. array of mapvalues) is failing. It would really help to have the “set schema from response” option back so that I can use the response as a model in setting my own schema.

For example while I would have previously used this type of format to set up Firestore as a REST API data resource:

It looks like this format is no longer valued. For one thing, there is an “id” property that AppGyver is expecting from each document; for another, it looks like instead of specifying field types like “stringValue” we are mapping properties directly to their values (“title” = text in the video example).

In the absence of a way to set the schema from a Get Collection response, some guidance on the new way to set up the schema in AppGyver would be really appreciated. I was able to figure out what works and what doesn’t by trial and error, but it was a process, and there are pieces that will trip up anyone who has previously been connecting with Firestore via the REST API type data source.

Hi @escapenewhaven, thanks a lot for the feedback! I posted a small example here, but this would definitely be a good topic for the docs to cover too.

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