Google Firebase email/password auth


When I select the Authentication Method I get this message:

Can anyone help me?


Have you set up the Firebase connector?

wind of change.

Without alerts.

Hi Alan, thank you for your fast reply.

I think so, I followed the example available in appgyver docs: Google Firebase connector
at Google Firebase connector - Composer.

Thx, again,

Hi Crisacosta.

I hope not. But I’m starting…


Ok. So the pre-built log in page might indeed have been changed to only payed users. Until we figure out if whether it did or not here’s two alternatives.

  1. Build log in page page: you’ll need input fields for password and email and pass these to “email & password authentication (FireBase)” node, which you’ll find in the market place. Use “get current user (FireBase)” to check if there’s a current user and retrieve data from this user.

  2. If these flow functions are also not working on the free plan, you’ll still be able to authenticate using http requests: this post will guide you through.

I’m not able to post any pics now. Give it try and come back here if you get stuck.

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