Google forms in app

Hello !

I am new to no-code platform and i see that there is very little (almost none) information and tutorials around the web about it (witch makes the building task hard - mainly the whole api thing).

I have a google form page that i need to be able to see inside my app. How can i place it there ? Is it possible to make something like the AnyForm bubble plugin which lets you embed a Google Form in the app with as much customization (re-design the style of it …) as possible ?


Did you look through

I haven’t tried it myself, but you should be able to use the WebView component to show the embedded form.

I could not find the WebView component on the store or in the core list.

Edit: After closing my browser and deleting everything i was able to see it on the market.

But, is it possible to make fields in the app that act as the forms page (just as a custom layout, like the one i mentioned above) ?

Not sure I fully understand the question, but you can always add Input fields that are bound to e.g. a page variable to get the data into app memory, and then have a Submit button then send the data to the backend.