Google map integration into App


I am having some difficulties with integrating google map into the app i am building. I am new to this so please indulge me. I am building a free app that allows people to give away items that is no longer of use to them that someone else might need. I am using firebase as my backend and i want users to set their location upon sign up so that when they upload an item(s), it shows approximate location of where the item is.

Any help or pointers to available materials online will be appreciated.

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I believe you would benefit greatly by doing a search for the GPS Location Flowcomponent
It seems to be the thing you are in pretty much need for… But the things you can do with it is seriously rather broad… So such maybe the search quarry may help you get ideas of what to do with it whilst you maybe finding exactly what you had wanted it to do for you.

Hi @Berter_Akyol I’m also building an app and struggling with the Google Maps integration aspect. Could you possibly provide screenshots of what the result of implementing “GPS Location Flowcomponent” would be? I’m also asking because what I’m trying to achieve is literally the ability to have an implementation of the Google Maps brand map where a search for an individual or thing will appear on the map just like an object would appear in the Google Maps app for iOS.

Thank you!