Google Map View in WebView doesn't display when publish

In a view I display a map en in Google Map.

I am calling the map with:

Google Maps”+ENCODE_FOR_URL(params.adress)

All works fine in preview when I publish it in AppgyverApp or my own site, it displays nothing.

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Hi @Serge_Angeloz could you post a screenshot of what your Google Maps integration looks like? I’m needing to put the real version of Google Maps into my mobile app and need to know if this is something we can do.

Try this (it works for me opening a new window in Google Maps):

Google Maps”+ENCODE_FOR_URL(repeated.current.fields.direccion_sucursal.stringValue)


In the “direccion_sucursal” field there is a simple string with complete address


More info:

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Hey @Serge_Angeloz thank you for your fast reply! Can you screenshot what the result looks like in your app, like what the Google Maps interface itself looks like in your app?

When I click the icon, it’s open de Google Maps app in the mobile (if it is a web browser it open a new window in Google Maps)

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And is this done by manually connecting to one of Google’s APIs or is this the result of using one of the map components in the AppGyver component marketplace?

Using de open URL component and the query option on the URL of Google Maps.

Thank you very much @Serge_Angeloz. I am wanting to create this. Can you do this with the method you are showing here?

Same problem. That’s why I decided o open the map en in a new browser window :frowning:

Oh I see. So what you’re saying is that, to your knowledge, this isn’t possible with AppGyver. Am I understanding you correctly?

Can anyone at AppGyver please pop in here and speak to this? We’re not the only users who are really wanting to get direction on this. I mean, it is Google Maps after all! A wildly popular service.

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