Google Maps API Mystery

Hi guys,
I am using two Google Maps APIs in my app, the 'geocode’ and the 'distancematrix’ APIs. The geocode one I had downloaded from the marketplace, after which the data source was setup automatically. Neat!

I tried to setup the distancematrix data source in the same way as the geocode one.

Distance Matrix:

So, I am using practically the same settings. However, while the geocode tests fine and returns values I can make a schema with, the distancematrix one returns a CORS error on testing.

When I convert both API calls into URLs, they both work in the browser, in Postman, etc., and return the values I am looking for.

So, why does the distancematrix throw a CORS error and what can I do about it?

Thanks for any help!

Same issue Here.
Not able to use distance matrix api from google maps.
It works great with cURL like this:

The result is this:
“destination_addresses” : [ “Unnamed Road, Novo Progresso - PA, 68193-000, Brazil” ],
“origin_addresses” : [
“R. Boaventura, 2312 - Liberdade, Belo Horizonte - MG, 31270-310, Brazil”
“rows” : [
“elements” : [
“distance” : {
“text” : “2,369 km”,
“value” : 2369159
“duration” : {
“text” : “1 day 9 hours”,
“value” : 119193
“status” : “OK”
“status” : “OK”

Tried to apply this at Appgyver like this:

But is NOT working

please… someone ?

Hi I have the same problem as you but with Google Maps Places - Autocomplete. Were you able to figure out where the problem was? thanks!