Google Maps Geocoding

I am using the flow function for this and am able to enter lat/lng and get a valid response through the testing function in the Data Configurator. In my app, how do I send lat/lng through the API and get the address, etc. returned? Since the Google Maps Geocoder is a data variable, it is a different than the other flow functions. As always, any help appreciated.

I assume the API is a POST route? After configuring that with appropriate request schema in the data configurator, you can use Create record flow function, which will call the POST route even though you are not really creating anything in a DB.

Alternatively, you can use the HTTP request node directly.

I am using the Google Maps Geocoder from the flow function market. Just cannot get it to work in the app. I have page that finds the coordinates and then passes them to the new page that calls the Geocoder. This is where is breaks down for me. Am I creating a data variable to get as single record? I set this up and included the lat/lng in the correct format but cannot get anything back from Google in the app. In the data configurator, I can drop in different lat/lng and get back good test results, but cannot get it to work in the app.

Have spent a few days on this. And only this. Threshold issue to get my app in condition for publication. Would really appreciate any help on using the Google Maps Geocode flow function. See my comments above.

This was resolved. I passed the necessary items to the map page as parameters.

You can send it step by step, because I’m trying to use the Google Maps features in AppGyver and it’s not working.

Hi @Carlos_Roberto could you describe your issue in more details (and perhaps with screenshots)? What you’re trying to do and which part of the logic doesn’t work?

Hello friend @Tomi_Laakso, I would like to extract data, such as the latitude and longitude of a response from the Google Maps API Geolocation. To insert in a Map later.

I created the topic Google APIs MAPs Geocoding .

Extract a field from the json returned by the API and place it in a page variable.

If the friend can check it out I can explain the problem better.

I thank the friend’s interest !!

Ah, okay, I’ll answer you there