Google Play is saying appgyver apps use a bad version of webRTC and they need to update it or apps are being downranked on play store

Please update the version of webRTC, appgyver team.


Google Play says:

Your app uses a bad version of WebRTC, which contains security vulnerabilities.

How to fix apps with bad WebRTC versions

What’s happening

One or more of your apps contain a version of WebRTC that contains serious security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can make your app susceptible to remote code execution, and can potentially give an attacker access to your app’s private data.

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Hi there, I get the same error in GooglePlay Console for my live app (WebRTC with security issues)

I guess all AppGyver Android builds have this issue or just a few? Is AppGyver aware of the issue?

They have known about it but I’m not longer worried about it. I converted my flagship app to an android and iOS app with capacitor and Cordova using only the web build files and the finished product is actually a very high quality app with in app payments and other much needed native dependencies. My bundle is now a fraction of the size of the appgyver native build and now has zero data leaks.

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Hey that’s interesting! Does that mean your workflow is 1. building the app structure s in AppGyver, 2. add native features with capacitor or(?) Cordova and then build the app with one of those compilers?

yes. You just export the web build, rename the main folder to whatever you specify in the capacitor command as the web version, then add the different platforms. You finalize the android build in Android studio, and the iOS build in xcode, and you can add native views and components in either your code editor and with the capacitor cli or in Android studio or xcode.


That sounds so interesting… Would you be so kind to share a detailed tutorial on how to do that?

The ability to add an in-app payment will solve the monetization issue that has been around for years.

As odd as this may sound, @Daniel_Perley1, do you think one of these software sets could be used to process a web build to spit out an improved web build, not only securing the web app potentially better, but also opening that code up to additional modifications specifically to add adverts and other monetization methods in, even support for embedded videos, etc? Again, this would be specifically a web build for desktop use as the final result.

Much obliged.

Yea it will build a pwa as well

@Daniel_Perley1 I see that you have become a die-hard fan of cardova :,)
I’m simply a beginner and all the tutorials you have posted goes over my head…
Is there any way you can make time to post a medium article or youtube video where you show us how a appgyver app is converted using cordova (step by step)?

This will be of immense help to me and the community :))
So far, as per my understanding, you download the web app files from the appgyver builder and install Cordova to do something that sprinkles magic to the app, making it faster and lighter.

Also, when you do reply/make a video please do it such that you are explaining an absolute lame beginner. Else, it just feels like a fog of words :frowning:

WebRTC error in Play Console still persist with version 4.6.35 and 4.6.36.

Is there a new version coming?

if so when will it arrive?

Please, is there any workaround to solve this problem with WebRTC error?
I need to publish my app asap!

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I don’t think they plan on ever fixing it. You should still be able to publish your app, however. The notice on the play store is just a warning.

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Thank you Daniel
That’s right, it was a warning, but the app was still successfully published :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. According to the article below this won’t impact publication, but this is still a concerning error message to see.