Google Play store questions

Hi all,

Roughly how long does it take for apps to be approved? I submitted mine on the 3rd, it still says in review.

How does dialogue take place between the reviewer and you? You need login details for my app and I haven´t worked out how to provide them.

Its also location based, so unless you are in a specific location you can´t step through the pages unless you use a specific bypass login or spoof your GPS location.

I take it that its ok to leave code in a production version that allows testing? The bypass buttons are only visible for the test login.

Cheers, Phil

Usually on the very first submission it can take up to a week, then after that it usually takes only a couple of hours.

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Thanks - much appreciated. Kind of nervous - first app :slight_smile:

Perhaps I jumped the gun a bit - I have already got it advertised on TripAdvisor… They can always use the webapp anyway.

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