Google Play Store testing tracks

Not an AG question but just wondering if anyone has some experience/advice on issues with Google Play Store deployment. My app was approved for the ‘Closed Testing’ track. I added a list of emails to the track so they’d be able to access it. However, none of the testers are able to access the link (even after waiting nearly 36 hours from the app being approved).

Has anyone experienced this, or is it something I’ve done wrong?

I’ve been through this. In my case, it was so that when I created the test, you click the SAVE button at the bottom right and you probably did. Then you have to press the button next to it, called Review version. And after this (the one I missed) there will be a button that after Publish or something similar. Could it be so simple that you too missed it? After 24 hours I went back and clicked on that button and my testers could immediately install the app.

For me it took more than 48hrs, Google is really slow at the moment.

I checked, but there are no buttons to press now (I believe Google changes the way the deployment tracks work a lot). I paused the track and relaunched it, but no luck there. Glad to know it’s not just me though,

Thanks for this, I just pushed it to open testing out of sheer frustration at the wait times, but still no luck on the closed test links, and impossible to get hold of any support from Google, of course.