Google-services.json missing

At a certain point of development I was trying to incorporate Google Firebase Connector. Now I removed all the settings for Firebase and toggled off the connector as I don’t need it anymore. But, still app built is failing and reason is showing that missing google-services.json file. I’m searching for a solution.

Any help will be appreciated.

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If you have any Get Device Token flow functions, or Firebase-related Push Notification flow functions, then it will still demand the Google-Services file

Hi John,

Thanks for your support. I double checked all the pages. There is no flow function in-use related to Google services. I removed all those which were in-use before. But, the are the blueprints in the flow function>installed section. Should I remove those too?

Yes you need to complete uninstall them

Hey John,

Thanks for your help. I have tried uninstalling everything related to Firebase. The build is successful now with version 2.8.31. Though, it ended with an unknown error with version 2.8.33.

Thanks again,


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I can now build the app with version 2.8.33 also.


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