Google Sheets API cannot create schema

As shown in the image I’m desperate I cannot “set schema from response” as the result of the get is a list of lists instead of a list of objects. any suggestions? the goal is to put the single records in a repeated item

You will need to MAP that into a List of Objects. You create a List of Objects variable (pagevarNewListObjects) and do something like this:

pagevarNewListObjects = MAP(dataListLists, {text:item})

Ive never MAPped a List of Lists before but ideally that would turn that into a List of Objects like:
text:“first thing…”
text:“second thing…”
text:“third thing…”

Ok, i did it and now i’ve a list of objects mapped inside one of my variables, how can i tell appgyver to use that list to do the repeat object thing?

It shows me only the first object now but it doesn’t show the rest

You have to set the ‘Repeat with’ property to your List of Objects variable.

By printing a COUNT(mynewmappedlistofobjects) it shows me that it has only one value

Finally I reached a solution. I needed to cast the value to string before sending to the “repeat with”
doing STRING(repeated.current.Mynewmappedlist.mytextproperty)

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