Google Sheets API

Hi, I’m new to the AppGyver and to low-code. I’m looking for an easy to use, free database and api. I was wondering if I can somehow manage to connect Google Spreadsheets as my database with Google Sheets API to AppGyver?

If that’s not so easy, what would you recommend using as my backend? My first app is connected to Xano, but I don’t like their 10 API calls per 20 seconds that comes with xano’s free plan.

Hi, first of all, you can use the rest api direct integration, to add the api from google spread sheets.
As for my recommendation, you can use firebase for two main reasons

  1. really easy integration with appgyver
  2. very low cost

There is an API Rest more unlimited and free 100%, without advertising and without interruptions, is open source and is called:

There are people who take advantage of this Api and do their work from Excel Web ( and create in extensions an “App Script” so connect it in JSON format and generates a URL and then paste it on the page of the Api Rest deforma free and fast. (Those if, you can not share the link, since the Api is not necessary to register and the most important thing is not to lose the unique link generated, you can generate as many database as possible).

There is a guy who can explain you and he helped me a lot for my branded application: Create API From GOOGLE SHEET || HEMENDRA - YouTube

After taking the JSON format, and is just paste it into the REST API and there is if you proceed to configure the REST API in AppGyver, here I leave a link on how to configure, but yes, you should look in the video when they talk about this configuration from minute 1:14: AppGyver Tutorial to start selling cars with a Car Shop app - part 1 - YouTube

The option of Dimos_Vamvourellis, is also very good and also integrates very well.

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Thank you for an answer I will try to make use of your reply!

Thank you for your response! Especially for the [] part.

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