Google sign up with Xano

Hi everybody,

I’m struggling about how to include Google Auth Sign In & Sign Up to my current App done in conjunction with AppGyver + Xano.

I’ve tried to prompt the Google account picker screen from an internal web browser and didn’t work. Google opened an error page with Error 403: disallowed_useragent.

After some research, I figure out that Google doesn’t allow to do it that way. You have to open a native web browser (Safari in my case), so I changed the Open Web browser component to Open Url in AppGyver. That worked and I manage to pick my google account from Google Auth Page.

However, the problem now is how to get back to my App and continue with the Auth process using Google Auth Token.

That’s something I haven’t realized how to do. I can pass a redirect url to Google Auth screen, which will be called after user succefully selects his account, but don’t know how to define this url in order to get back to AppyGiver and pass somehow the token.

Does anyone have any idea I can try?

Thanks in advance.


Ciao Albert,
redirect should be your backend API something like https:///callback for instance.
This Web service will take the token from google and should give back a redirect url to your app.
Once still in development (appgyver preview app) url schema should be appgyvern:// otherwise once you will deploy the app, this parameter could be set up in the build configuration.
In your login page you have to insert the event trigger “app brought to foreground via URL” and link to this event you logic (i.e. store the token, go to home page, etc).
Hope is clear

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appgyver dont have google auth sign in pluing? how can you work in conjunction with xano? thanks

Hi @Munus,

I’ve tried to do the callback you mentioned to appgyvern:// …

However, the is a problem when I try to set the Authorized redirect URIs from my OAuth Client ID, I got the following error:

Any clue how to do that and have an authorized redirect Uri?

@Ro_Siade As far as I know, there isn’t a Google Auth Signin plugin in AppGyver. If you wanna work in conjunction with Xano and AppGyver, I suggest you to check Steve Stava Youtube Channel. There is a great tutorial there.

First redirect is your backend
Then your backend will redirect you to appgyvern://

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Hi, has anybody succeded with this?
The google signup opens an external page, when the flow is ready, it will redirect to the parameter (URL) you pass.
If this parameter is XANO URL, then the Appgyver will never be notified, that the login was succesfull. Samething is happening with Facebook Auth.
Any experiences?

You redirect URI is going to be the URL of your AppGyver application that Google (or any other OAuth provider) sends you after you authorize Google to use your account information for your application. You would not redirect to your backend in this case.

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