Googlemaps give error: 'missing comp' using emebbed map view

I have created an app with embedded map view. It works fine in appgyver, also in andriod phone app preview. After I make a build with a API key from googlemaps I put it on google play store. So far no problem. But when I download the app and use it the googlemap does not show up. Only a yellow rectangle with an error: missing comp: 2ABA01DC-C535-455E-BDA3-3E8385A9CEA1

I have tried different API keys but nothing seems to work, My older apps are still working…
(it works fine on a Iphone)

please help me

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Hi Freddie - Did you get any resolution for this issue and also the reason why the error? I am having the same issue starting today with my app where the embedded map component is throwing the same error and no display. Appreciate if you share any further info and resolution you may have.


Hi Ajit,

Unfortunatly the problem is not adressed by Appgyver. But I tried it with a new runtimeversion and an old API, I’ve got it working. Took me a long time, but I’m scared the issue is not solved yet and can Come back.

I’m sorry I can not help you any further. It remains a difficult problem.

Best regards

Hi, I am facing same problem today! And I have customer demo on Monday and need to get it fixed ASAP. Can anyone please help ?

Hi Freddie - Appreciate your response. Indeed it’s very frustrating. I would really appreciate if you can share the steps you took to address the issue. When you say new runtime, you mean Appgyver? And which old API are you referring to? Your guidance on this is really appreciated.

Also is there any other alternative solution to Embedded Map View component if that is the core issue?

Please feel free to email me at and if you are ok, we can have a quick call.

Have a nice weekend my friend!


Seems the issue is addressed for now. Hope it’s not a stop gap and can sustain.

Dear Ajit,

Sorry I did not respond to your email earlier, but something came up that asked for my attention.

I also saw your next email about Appgyver who addresses the issue, so that’s good.

When I new runtime I indeed mean Appgyver. And with ar old API I mean an old API key from Goolge maps, which seems to be working fine, but when I make a new one, then the problem is back.

An alternative solution is to make your own map in HTML, I also did that and that works fine, but its a lot more work.

So I also hope that they tackle the issue very soon.

Best regards



I just write to be informated, same same same.

I have this error today… I create other clean project with just one page… add the plugin map… and the have the same error… how resolve this problem?

THe problem was solved in december, and I haven’t had any problems sinds then, but I did change anything and did not make a new one, so I can’t say if the problem is back unfortunately, sorry. You can address the problem with Appgyver people again.