GPS and appear in the map

I need some help for my app the idea is : There is 5 icons and The user will choose one of these icons, and then a point will appear on the map with the same color as the icon this will be show in the dash board.

can you explain a bit more? in what location will the icon appear?

I use webview that show my map from google map I don’t know if can use it to put our point , the loacation is for campus

no you cant do that with webview, but you can use the map component which can display markers

good , but how can I do that if you know ?

using this component

yeah I know this component , I mean how to link the loacation when the user chose the icon

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to show a marker on the map

you need the latitude and the longitude of the location.
if you want the current location of the user you can use the gps function to get his coordinates, if you want to display an other location you can go on google maps find the location and get the coordinates from there