GPS location is not working after build?

GPS location is not working after build for android. I checked, there is no problem about permissions. Any idea why?
Thanks a lot.

Can you post your app id. I’ll check your native plugin dependencies and permissions. There might be something that’s not properly required.

Sure. 97500. Thanks a lot.

I added you a plugin that could help it work. Try building again.

Which flow functions are you using for GPS? Would help me to fix this for others.

It is working now… Thanks a lot. I use gps location block to get latitude, longitude info. I use that info to get current address…

Thanks. Heh this was actually supposed to be fixed just last week but couldn’t finish the deployment :frowning: So coming up this week :stuck_out_tongue:

can you help with step by step setup , i’m new to this

Hi! We don’t really have much tutorials about location tracking available, but let me know what you’re having problems with and I’ll try to help you get forward!

In general, please check out our documentation for tutorials on general app development and data handling etc :slight_smile:

I want to display the app user location or address on the app then pass that location to the backed and and also display the location on a map in a form of a marker

something like that
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For the location of the user, use the GPS location flow function. Please note that at the moment there is a bug that the location is only gotten once instead of getting polled. And this doesn’t work on the web.

To get the address, you will need some sort of an API which would give you an address based on coordinates.

For the map view, use the Embedded map view component.

Good afternoon, in my case I would like an application that checks in the user’s location, I even saw some tutorials on the internet, but when I pull the geolocation it is blank. The only fields that the GPS location plugin is succeeding in pulling are the id and the timestamp.

Hi! Did you check that the preview app has location permissions?