GPS location not working in web app

Trying to get location from web app using GPS location logic element. Works fine in iOS apps. Not getting any data returned in web app preview (Mac OS 11.2.1 and Chrome 88.0.4324.150). I checked and ensured location data was available for “” in Chrome settings. Also checked System Preferences and Chrome is enabled for access to location data.

Just getting “undefined” when trying to access output of GPS logic. Geolocation empty in debugger as well. Does this logic element only work in non web-apps or do I have something configured wrong?

Hi! Welcome to AppGyver. Unfortunately, you’ve run into a known issue, that we haven’t yet had time to fix. So for the moment it only works in non-web apps.

Is this still unresolved?

Not yet fixed, but if you check the ticket linked above there’s a workaround made by one of our users.

Yes, I saw that, its working ok.

The Android GPS bug is annoying too - not being able to write to variables. But I worked around that one too.

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