GPS Location returns null values for latest values

I cannot get the values from geolocation to the latest geolocation values to a variable. It annoys me that this worked two days ago on another app I created on Appgyver, but today it failed to deliver. I have tried the STRING and ENCODE_JSON formula but it does not work. I checked and ensured my device grants permission for location and use of GPS. Please I need help here, it is frustrating
Edit: This is a problem only encountered in Android, although I can assure you it was working 2 days ago

From the formula: ENCODE_JSON(sensorVars.geolocation)
I get: {“latestValue”:null,“active”:false,“values”"[ ]}

Found the issue: Google Location Accuracy was Off, hence the device was relying only on GPS for location, resulting in the impact in accuracy and overall issue I experienced.