Gradient Background or custom CSS

I am trying to create a gradient background but cannot find documentation to figure this out. Is there a way to apply custom CSS? i.e something like the following?

background: rgb(2,0,36);
background: linear-gradient(153deg, rgba(2,0,36,1) 0%, rgba(26,117,85,1) 35%, rgba(0,212,255,1) 100%);

Gradient backgrounds are unfortunately not supported yet. I made a ticket to follow at

Until this gets done, I’d say the best way to circumvent is via e.g. a SVG background image.

I tried to insert an image as a background image, but have to set position to absolute to every other component. Is there a way to set an image as background and keep the other component’s position in relative?

You should be able to do it by adding a container that has the background image set and height bound to e.g. viewport height via system vars, then a Scroll View that’s position absolute to contain the rest of your content.

I can put together an example on Monday if you can’t get it to work!

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