Grid of icons doesn't appear at all on iPad

I have a row with three cells - the first cell has:

  • 100% width Container
    • 20% width Container (repeated 25 times - set to 20% width so 5 icons will show per row)
      • Blue circle icon

The other two cells have dummy text.

This all appears properly on my Android test device using the Preview app, but on iPad, I can’t see the icons at all. I’ve made other changes on the page to verify that it’s refreshing properly.

Here it is on Android:

And in Composer:

FireShot Capture 1077 - Pill Insert Calculator - Composer Pro _ platform.appgyver.com_ -

And on iPad Mini:

Any idea why it isn’t showing on the iPad preview app (Legend has the same issue)? App 188716.

No idea what caused it…but while I was testing a copy of this, the original version started working. So…yay?