Group Liste - Collapsible grouped basic List - via RestAPI

Hi everyone!

I am using the “Collapsible grouped basic List” from the marktplace. I want to show all users that are registered in this list sorted by group. Also I want to make it possible by clicking on one user to go to his page. I established the RestAPI and configured the GET COLLECTION and tested it. I also mapped the List resource of the “Collapsible grouped basic Liste”-Component. But somehow there is no result.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mike_Heinrich, can you specify the issue a bit more:

  1. Are you getting “No data available” or a blank component?
  2. Does the data appear elsewhere in the app? (to make sure the resource is configured correctly)
  3. Can you share a screenshot of the field mapping?
  4. What’s your app ID (visible in project URL)?