Growing & Shrinking

Hi All

I think I know the answer but is it possible to have a component button and a different type of component (say a title) in the same container, aligned horizontally, and to use this feature?

I can only get it working if I have two buttons in the container (the icon button from the store and a normal button). What I am trying to do is quite simple in theory but making my app look nice is proving more difficult than I planned.

Any suggestions appreciated.
At the top of many pages I have a back button (using the icon button) and a title component…containing the title of the page. I have them set with the same height and same background colour so it looks something like the below.

Depending on the text (length) of the latter, I want it to flex so it is formatted ok (text centred, etc) but can only get this working if I add a button for the text…and of course, the user can click on this and the animation acknowledges the click but as I haven’t linked anything, nothing happens. Of course, if the arrow is tapped, the user correctly navigates back a page.
I realise this is slightly bodgy (more bodginess, I was going to deal with the radius issue by simply making the background colour for the container the same as the buttons, so it becomes one large blue block!).
Suggestions for doing this more gracefully would be much appreciated.