Guide to local storage

So after a few days of back and forth and going through youtube videos and documentations i was not able to get the local storage working :sob:, In the new Appgyver community edition some things are changed and so many documentations are not as much useful. :slightly_frowning_face:

But at last I got to make it working and its damm simple but not documented. So here it is :grin:

As you may know local storage is permanent storage in the users device(until local cache is cleared :sparkles:), unlike page variable or global variable which is lost as soon as as app is closed

to start with you need to install two components from marketplace

set button will update and create number typed in input feild, and get data button will show the saved data in a popup (lower part of screen) :sunglasses:

Refresh the page or app again and click on get data button, you will see the last saved value in popup. This is how you can store and retrieve the local data.
Hope it helps :fire: