Guidelines /instruction for firebase

Hi everyone, im new to appgyver and i have decided to use firebase as my backend and i was looking for some place to read about the possibilities…
for example i have connected my appgyver with firebase and made the authentication page in my app but i cant find any information on how to make users to sign up or even how to make a page for for them to complete their profile.
Also an other think that im looking for currently is how to store their profile pic from what i have understand you need to use the cloud storage.

So if you have any place to get some more knowledge about using appgyver with firestore, please let me know.
Thank you in advance.

Regarding authentication, it is better to use REST that comes with Appgyver and HTTP Request node.

Read through the firebase documentation in link below:

Firebase Auth REST API

For instance, you could use HTTP request to sign up a user in firebase and also send an email to the user to verify. See below:

The same thing applies if you are dealing with collections and documents.

All the best

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Thank you very much for your help i will try to implement it !
did you learn about this by your self?

No, I did not. I have taken the course below from Undemy

Create an App with no code (Firebase meets AppGyver)

Please note that this is not sponsored course, but it is the only Appgyver course I have found in Udemy.

All the best

Thank you Mazen i took the exact course and i made this as you suggested, but now i don get any error notification and i cant find why. the errors dont appear nether in sign in page nor in sign up.
Do you know why??

and also the verification email doesn’t do anything special because even though it works, when i create an account i can log in without having verified the email.

If I get it right. You can sign up with no errors. Besides, you can log in with no errors, too.

Sometimes, the error output of the node does not trigger and then the error message does not show up if there is a syntax error in the formula field of the node. Try to run the debugger to get more clarity.

BTW, to prevent an unverified user from accessing your data until he verifies his email, you could add the rule below:

allow read, write:if request.auth.token.email_verified;

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